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    1. Considerate service

      Considerate service

      Send professional technicians to the site
      Qualified installation and commissioning

      Considerate service

      Deliver goods on schedule

      Multiple production lines at the same time
      Fast production speed and guaranteed delivery time

      Considerate service

      Quality pass

      The product meets the finished product inspection standard Quality control at all levels


      ABOUT US

      Hubei PinYang Technology co.,ltd is a manufacture and trader specialized in the research ,development and production of  rice mill machinery ,from the cleaner ,de-stoner ,husker ,whitner ,mist polisher ,grader, packing machinery to the color sorter. Complete set of rice mill from 20 tons to 200 tons per day.We located in the Xiaogan city ,Hubei province,China. With convenient transportation access,All of our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets through the world.

      • 2014Year

        Establishment of the company

      • 50+Term

        National patent

      • 20+

        Exported to many countries and regions

      • 50+Term

        National patent




      Rice destoner   Rice husker   Paddy separator   Rice whitener   Rice grader   Rice cleaner   Rice polisher


      Address:Intersection of Longgang and Xinyi Road, Economic Development Zone, Yunmeng County, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province

      Mobile: +86 186 7405 7589

      Whatsapp: +86 186 7405 7589

      E-mail: admin@pinyangtech.com


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