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    1. 60-80 Tons Per Day Philippines Full Set Rice Mill Line/Automatic Rice Mill Machine

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      60-80 Tons Per Day Philippines Full Set Rice Mill Line/Automatic Rice Mill Machine

      60-80/day complete set rice mill machinery from claner ,de-stoner ,husker ,
      whtiner .grader .mist polisher to color sorter ,packing machinery .input
      capcity will be 5-6 tons per hour ,out put will be 3-4 tons per hour. 
      The rice milling complete equipment comprises scalping machine of quality
      properties, cleaning sieve, stoner, rubber roller rice huller, grain sieve,
      grit, iron roller whitening machine, rice sizing screen, rice polishing
      machine and high efficient bucket elevator and electric control panel etc.
      The whole process from grain classifying, rice hulling and husked rice
      separating, rice milling to rice classifying is all computerized.
      1. TQLZ100    Vibratory sieve can remove large, middle, small and light
      impurties from grain simultaneously; Plane rotary movement has higher
      efficiency; Smooth operation and long service life; Multiple sizes and
      specifications to meet different requirements; Suitable for assorted
      grain such as rice, wheat, maize and bean etc.
      2. TQSX100  de-stoner separetor stones and heavy impurties from rice
      utilizing bulk density difference. It is mainly used to separete the
      heavy impurties such as stone, mud and etc from rice, wheat, and
      other grains. Based on different gravities between grains ans grain-sized
      3. MLGT25D*2 Husker adopting  a new vibratory feeding system. Stepleess
      adjustment could be done to the vibration frequency according to actual
      production. Feeding looks like waterfall, big and uniform. Backed up
      shedding plate automatic tracking rubber roll devices to ensure
      accuracy,making operation of rubber roll optimal.
      4. MGCZ46*20*2  paddy separator is suitable for the grading and separation
      of brown rice and milled rice high efficiency, durable, stable operation,
      low maintenance  requirements, lower energy consumption.
      5. MNMF25  Whitener, new structure, good mechanical stability and easy
      disassembly. Higher pressure of suction for milling so as to make brokens less,
      rice higher quality and bran fewer. Feeder device micro-adjusted guarantees
      rice flow enter into milling chamber stably and evenly. Due to adopt
      feeding with tangent and direction-followed model, the machine can
      acquire maximum capacity.
      6. MJP100*4 Rice plan sifter can shift milled rice efficiently and
      accurately into several classes: head rice, large broken, medium broken,
      samll broken and etc.
      7. MPG150  Mist polisher is used for fine processing of rice. By processing,
      it can effectively remove the bran powders in the rice, improve the
      oxidation resistance capacities of rice, make the processed rice clean
      and fresh and
      extend the length for presservation, after which the processed rice can be
      eaten as washed rice.
      8. A5 CCD color sorter, could completely resolve the rejection difficulties
      of those different color granules, mildewed granules and faint yellow sopy
      of rice, improve quality and guarantee foods security thereby. 
      It features characteristics as follows:
      1. Each major operation machines are driven by independent electric motor
      assorted by electric control panel for separate controls.
      2. The techniques can be specially designed and flexibly assembled in
      accordance with what is required by users that can process rice of various
      3. Paintings can use static injection techniques that show bright and
      clean facade and lasting lustre.
      4. The pipe for materials adopts glass pipe that is both artistic
      and durable.
      5. The dust extraction adopts high-efficient dust collecting units that
      satisfy the requirements fo environmental protection.


      Rice destoner   Rice husker   Paddy separator   Rice whitener   Rice grader   Rice cleaner   Rice polisher


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