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    1. Use and maintenance of rice milling machine

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      First, the preparation work before starting
      1 First check whether the joint parts of the rice mill are complete; whether the joint screws and nuts are loose; whether the installation is correct. If there is a problem, it should be properly installed and debugged first.
      2 Remove the debris (such as stone particles, ironware, etc.) in the rice to be ground to avoid accidents. Check if the dryness and wetness of the rice meets the requirements, then insert the rice plug into the bucket and put the rice into the bucket to be beaten.
      Second, the technical requirements after the boot
      1 Connect the power to let the rice mill idling for l to 3 minutes to stabilize the operation, then slowly pull the material into the material to cut the material and put it into work. 2 Check the quality of the milled rice at any time. If the quality does not meet the requirements, adjust the discharge insert or adjust the gap between the rice knife and the grinding core. The method is as follows: if there are more valleys, first adjust the material discharge board to make the rice mouth properly reduced (if the rice mouth is small, the grain is still more. If the rice knife and the grinding center gap are smaller); If there is more broken rice, you should increase the rice mouth (or the gap between the rice knife and the heart).
      3 After using the rice milling knife for a period of time, if there is a situation that is not sharp due to wear, the rice milling knife can be turned over and used. If the rice sieve has a leaky phenomenon, it should be replaced with a new one.
      4 At the end of rice milling, the grain inserting plate should be inserted tightly, so that the rice in the crushed stone is completely crushed, and after the body is discharged, the power is cut off.
      Third, after the shutdown of maintenance
      1 If the bearing shell temperature is found to be high, it should be filled with lubricating oil (such as butter).
      2 Perform a complete and detailed inspection of the body.
      3 It is strictly forbidden for children and adults who are not familiar with the use and maintenance knowledge of rice milling machines, and play rice machines to avoid unnecessary losses.


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