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  • Rice Milling Machine and Spare Parts From Pin Yang Tech

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    HuBei PinYang Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a manudacture specialized in research,production and sales of rice milling machinery. We have a strong group of management, technical , sourcing and marketing, best service team and after sales service team.

    Our company mainly produce 15-200tons per day complete set rice milling machine , also can offer single machine and there spare parts.

    We can offer all series and all brand rice milling machine's spare parts , such as emery roller for rice whitener , screen for whitener ,polisher , separator , husker , cleaner and so on , bucket and belt for elevator , motor, blower and so on. For brand we can offer our own brand and some well-known brand such as SATAKE, YONGXIANG , BUHLER , XL , CLJ, QILI and so on. 

    Our machines are widely export to South America, Africa, SouthEast Aisa and other regions.


    Rice destoner   Rice husker   Paddy separator   Rice whitener   Rice grader   Rice cleaner   Rice polisher


    Address:Intersection of Longgang and Xinyi Road, Economic Development Zone, Yunmeng County, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province

    Mobile: +86 186 7405 7589

    Whatsapp: +86 186 7405 7589

    E-mail: admin@pinyangtech.com


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